Member Safety Requirements

Updated: Apr 2

Please read the Center Member Safety Expectations before returning to the Center!

  1. If you or anyone in your household is sick or experiencing any known symptoms, please do not come to the Center!

  2. To limit the number of people at the Center, members are asked to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their reservation time. Members need to depart the Center at the end of their reservation time. Members will not be permitted to “hang out” at the Center before or after their workout.

  3. Only those named in the reservation may enter the Center. No spectators or guests, please.

  4. Only come to the Center if you are 18 or older and a current active member.

  5. Members in high-risk categories are encouraged to stay home or take extra precautions while using the Center.

  6. Follow all Center guidelines regarding social distancing (maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet from other members at all times), personal protective equipment, equipment usage, and cleaning protocols while participating in activities at the Center.

  7. Wear a safety mask when arriving at the Center or interacting with other people. Masks are optional for on-court tennis activities and swimming. Mask Policy: Masks are required on campus, however you may remove your mask when you are at your reserved outdoor exercise area AND at least 6 feet apart from others.

  8. Bring your own bottle filled with water/ice from home because there will be no water available at the Center until further notice.

  9. Bring your own towel and personalized equipment (tennis racket, kickboards, goggles); store these items securely in your reserved workout space, out of the way from others.

  10. Pick up all equipment, towels, and any personal belongings before leaving the workout space so that it is clear for the next member.

  11. Wash your hands with soap and water often, before coming to the Center, and upon leaving the Center. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the Center. We recommend washing or sanitizing your hands before and after exercising and avoid touching your face.

  12. Do not make physical contact with others, such as shaking hands, hugs, or giving a high five or fist bump.

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