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About PE+

Over the last 10 years, the PE+ Program has used sports & fitness to develop healthy meaningful personal connections for over 4,000 students (T-K through 5th Grade) at 8 Redwood City elementary schools so our school communities can continue to grow stronger physically, emotionally, relationally, and mentally through our continued partnership with the Sequoia Healthcare District

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Power of PE+ Fundraiser

By donating to this campaign you support physical education, as well as lunch and recess activities and support and enable PE+ to continue to deliver service excellence in our eight schools we serve in Redwood City. PE+ is a Peninsula Community Center program operating as a function of Peninsula Covenant Church.

“I was a student at Roosevelt school when PE+ came. A PE+ Coach named Nick made PE fun and impacted me. I want to be Coach Nick for other kids.”

future PE+ Coach

Join the Team!
Join The Team

The PE+ Program has become a leadership development program for young adults who join as PE+ Site Leaders, Coaches, and Core Team members!

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