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Pool Use Rules

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Updated on 6/16/2022

PCC Aquatic Rules:

The main pool is open for lap and recreational swimming at certain times throughout

the day and availability varies throughout the year. The current swim availability

schedule is available on our Reservations page and on our Member Portal. Some scheduled workouts use all the lanes for a period of time. Please check the schedule for the current pool availability times.

In accordance with California law, persons under 14 years of age will not be permitted

to swim unless under the direct supervision of another person 18 years of age or older.

  • Children ages 13 and under MUST be directly supervised by an adult no more than 15 feet away with no physical barriers.

  • No running

  • No glass containers

  • No floating aids in big pool except Coast Guard approved life vests

  • No sitting or hanging on lane lines

  • No diving. Unless diving board is open and lifeguards are on duty.

  • No dunking or horseplay

  • Lifeguard has FINAL authority

  • Children who are not toilet-trained must wear a disposable swim diaper with a reusable swim diaper over

  • No Inflatable toys, squirt toys or hard balls

  • Kick boards, fins & snorkels are for lap swimming/classes only

  • Only PCC employees may teach swim lessons

  • Even if a lifeguard is on duty, adult supervision is required.

Baby Pool Rules:

  • Children ages 5 and younger only.

  • Children must be under the direct supervision of a person 18+ years no more than 15 feet away with no physical barriers.

  • Children that are not toilet trained must be double diapered (one disposable under one reusable).

  • Floating devices are not permitted. However, pool toys are permitted.

  • Lifeguards do not supervise the Baby Pool.

  • No diving. Water is shallow.

Diving Board Rules:

  • Only one person on the board at a time.

  • Forward entrance into the water only. No reverse or inward jumps or flips.

  • One bounce only.

  • A swimmer must go directly to the ladder after going off the board.

  • Wait for the previous diver to clear the water in front of the board before diving.

  • No running or hanging on the board.

  • Use board at your own risk.

  • Lifeguard has final authority.

Island Rules:

  • Children under 14 years must take a swim test BEFORE using the Island.

  • Do not use the Island until signaled by a Lifeguard to do so.

  • Do not jump or dive onto the island. This may cause the Island to pop and be shut down.

  • People who fall off the Island must swim to the nearest wall and exit. There is no climbing back on once fallen off.

  • No hanging on the ropes that attach the island to the lane lines.

  • No swimming under the Island.

Hot Tub Rules:

  • Anyone under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult in the hot tub area.

  • When the hot tub is crowded, please limit use to 5 minutes. The first to enter the hot tub will be the first to exit.

  • Maintain a calm environment. No horseplay (spiting, splashing, swallowing water, wrestling, sliding down handrails, swimming underwater)

  • Children must be toilet trained in order to use the hot tub. No diapers of any kind allowed.

  • No glass containers in the hot tub area.

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