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How to Make an Online Payment

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

This article is here to help guide you through making an online payment to your Peninsula Community Center account.

There are 2 ways to pay online:

  1. Pay directly on the Member Portal using the link provided in your emailed statement (additional instructions below if you can’t find your statement)

  2. Set up AutoPay with your credit card or bank account (ACH). If you are currently paying through your bank and switch to AutoPay with ACH, the only change would be that your bank will send electronic payments to us and you will no longer receive mailed paper statements. To set up AutoPay, click here or email Erica, Member Account Representative, at



Steps to Pay your Bill Online

  1. Click the link in the email statement

  2. At the drop-down menu select Payment on Account

  3. Enter the dollar amount found on your Statement (attached to the email or found here)

  4. Click Check out

  5. Click Make Purchase

  6. Log into your account (If you have never logged in or simply do not remember your password, please do not create a new account. Instead, click Need New Password.)

  7. Once you are logged in, follow the onscreen instructions.

  8. Enter your CC information

  9. Click Place Order

To check what your balance is online click here or follow the steps below.

  • Click My Info at the top (2nd tab)

  • Account (found here)


AutoPay cannot be initiated on the Center App. While payments can be made on the Center App, it does not support AutoPay. To set up AutoPay, please click here.

If you are having trouble, please email Erica at or call the front desk at (650) 364-6272.

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