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How much does ready mix concrete weigh?

Although it varies on the exact mix, concrete generally weighs 150 lbs per cubic foot or 4,050 lbs per cubic yard.

What is the best way to get concrete spatters off a vehicle without damaging the paint?

  • The first attempt should be using a high-pressure washer.
  • If washing doesn’t work, brush a light solution of water and muriatic acid (20:1 water to acid ratio) on the concrete spatter. Avoid putting the mixture on the vehicle paint. When it is finished fizzing, thoroughly rinse with water. You may need to do this process several times, but it should remove the concrete.

What is the difference between a “cubic yard” and a “square yard” when referring to ready mix concrete?

  • A "square yard" refers to only the top surface area, and it is found by multiplying length x width.
  • A "cubic yard" refers to volume, or the total amount of concrete being used. It is found by multiplying length x width x thickness.

If mixing concrete by hand, how can I make the mixture stronger?

  1. Make sure the base is properly prepped with rebar.
  2. Add a shovel full of straight cement or fly ash to each wheelbarrow load.

How fire resistant is ready mix concrete when dried?

Because no components of concrete are combustible, concrete can withstand fire fairly well. Most concrete can withstand fire up to 800 degrees F.

Will hand-held cutoff saws make a clean cut through ready mix concrete when they cut through rebar?

As long as a diamond blade is used, cutoff saws can cut through rebar fine. It may be necessary to use water to keep the blade cool if doing excessive cutting.

How can fresh-dug footers be protected when heavy rain is predicted and the concrete is not poured?

  • Protecting freshly-dug footers depends on each unique situation, but there are several options depending on the area, size, etc.
  • Several options: place a pump before the rain comes, dig a relief drain at the base, set up diversions if possible, or cover with plastic if it is a small area.

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