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Tennis Ball Machine FAQ

Who may reserve the ball machine?

  • Adults with Full (Tennis) Memberships may reserve the ball machine

  • (Children may receive balls to hit from the ball machine with parental supervision; adults must be responsible for set up/clean up)


What are the specific steps to follow in order to make a ball machine reservation on the Member Portal?

Once signed into the Member Portal, please follow this 3 step process

  1. Purchase the pricing option

    1. Go to the member portal

    2. Go to <Online Store> (very far right side of the top bar), <Services>, <Tennis Ball Machine>

    3. Select ball machine option of choice and checkout

    4. Pay with credit card on file

  2. Reserve Court 1 (important to do this before reserving the ball machine)

    1. Go to <Tennis Court Reservations>

    2. reserve Court #1 following usual court reservation process

  3. Reserve the ball machine

    1. Go to <Tennis Court Reservations> <Tennis Ball Machine>

    2. Select 1 hour or 30 minutes with the ball machine and search for reservation times

    3. Reserve it for the desired time (same time as Court 1 reservation)

To reserve the ball machine in the Center App, follow these steps:

  1. Go to <Reserve>, <Tennis Court Reservation>

  2. Select Tennis Ball Machine - 1 hour or 30 min

  3. Select desired reservation time

  4. Tap “Reserve Appointment”

  5. Select Ball Machine pricing option of choice

  6. Tap “Buy” to pay with stored credit card

  7. Go back to <Tennis Court Reservation>

  8. Select Court 1 reservation for desired duration (note: select 90 minute court reservation to go with a 60 minute ball machine reservation - times line up better this way)

  9. Tap “Reserve Appointment”

Tennis courts and ball machine cannot be reserved on our website at this time.



Is there a charge? What is the cost?

  • Prices are:

    • Hour - $12 (single)

    • 5 pack for 1 hour use - $60 (expires 3 months)

    • 5 pack for 30 minute use - $30 (expires 3 months)

    • 10 pack for 1 hour use - $120 (expires 6 months)

May I reserve the ball machine for back-to-back reservations?

  • Yes, but you will need to follow the 3-step process for each reservation time and pay for each hour or ½ hour you are using the machine.

Is the ball machine only usable on Court 1 now?

  • We are starting with 1 court after a long period of no ball machine access

  • We are looking into future options, but just Court 1 for now

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